“Heidi—thank you for a great massage! Your helpfulness in explaining how my muscles work, where they are, and how to ease the tension and tightness are such a wonderful part of your practice. You are extremely knowledgeable, and I so appreciate the time you spend going the extra mile!”
–Margie F.

“Heidi is a natural healer. Her innate talent for compassionate listening and empathic guidance have given me the space to explore dark corners and work through tough issues. She’s been a steady, positive influence, gently guiding me when I felt scared and validating me when I was on my right path. Heidi’s wisdom is invaluable and I am grateful to have her in my life!”
-Tricia O.

“I started Trauma Touch Therapy not knowing what to expect, but as Heidi and I progressed through the first few sessions, it became clear that my work with her was going to be focused on building a connection/ relationship with my body. At the beginning of therapy I couldn’t even look down at my legs without wanting to breakdown and cry. I had been disconnected from the majority of my body for so long that just the thought of acknowledging my legs was completely overwhelming. Over the course of my 10 sessions, I slowly learned to reconnect with my body and appreciate it. Through both visualization techniques and massage, I was able to go from feeling numb from the waist down to being able to name sensation and feel connected to my body. Although I still have work to do, Heidi has equipped me with tools I can use to continue to strengthen my relationship with my body.”